Please read the access protocol described in the steps below. Should any questions remain after completing these steps, contact the Clean Room Staff at Until you have completed steps 1 to 6 of this protocol and have gained access through the Staff, you are not permitted to enter the Clean Room under any other circumstance.

1) Subscribe to our Newsletter to get updates and news on the clean room as well as the other shared facility labs. 

2) Take the Environmental Health & Safety Training Class (TC0950): link for dates, times, and locations. The first training should be taken in person, the renewals can be done on-line:

Morningside, Havemayer Building
Medical Center:

3) Take the TC1650 - Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) training in 'Rascal' web-site and complete the test.

4) Send your both your certificates to CR staff (, (James Vichiconti (,  Nirit Shamay (, and Melody Gonzalez ( from Rascal web-site.

5) Read and make sure you understand the Clean room guidelines and safety presentation. Read the Clean Room procedure.

6) If you did not attend one of the new clean room orientation for existing users orientation meetings, you have to attend a new clean room orientation in person. Dates for the orientation will be announced in our Newsletter. Sign up to a clean room orientation here. Wait for a confirmation from the clean room staff with the date and time of the orientation. Annual attendance of clean room users meeting is mandatory. The dates of the meetings will be announced.

7) After a new research member has completed all the requirements, they will be able to gain access to the Clean Room and some of the equipment like microscopes and the general use fumed hoods. However, in order to gain access to the majority of the clean room equipment including designated wet stations (such as the RCA hood), the new user will need to be certified on that specific piece of equipment. For certification and more information or help in getting certified on the equipment, Please contact the super user for the equipment (See Equipment tab) or ask for help. For more information go to training and certification policy.

8) In order to gain access to the Clean Room equipment you must have a Badger account (Use the links under Badger Tab) and send a new account form signed by your PI or administrator to

A Certificate of Fitness and a buddy are required for after hours use of the Clean Room.

Clean Room Hours of Operation (please note that the new clean room is not open to users yet as of April 2017):

Regular hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
After Hours: Monday through Friday 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM, Weekends and Holidays.