The Shared Materials Characterization Laboratory provides access to microscopy, spectroscopy and diffraction characterization instruments for materials researchers in chemistry, physics, and engineering. It supports research across many different departments within Columbia University and welcomes researchers from other academic institutions, government laboratories, and industrial users ranging from start-ups to large companies. The facility specializes in the characterization of surfaces, films, magnetic materials, layered materials and other nanostructures, and crystalline/polycrystalline materials. Notably, users can fabricate and characterize air-sensitive materials in a nitrogen-filled glovebox containing an AFM, micro-Raman spectrometer, and optical autofinder. For more information check out our new SMCL flyer or contact the SMCL lab Director Dr. Dan Paley.

The SMCL is located in Havemeyer 544, 542, and 224. To gain access, users should follow the SMCL Access Checklist.

Training and certification for individual instruments are controlled by graduate student and postdoc superusers. The superusers have extensive experience with basic operation and knowledge of specialized experiments that are available. Please check out our training and certification protocol.

For access to the instruments or further information about the available experiments, contact:

Dr. Daniel Paley
Director of the Shared Materials Characterization Lab
Phone: (434) 953-9497
Office: 544 Havemeyer





*Gallery pictures credit: Timothy Lee