CNI welcomes external users (non Columbia) who wish to use our facilities! Our user fee rates for Industry and private companies can be found here. External academic users pay Columbia internal rates plus an administrative fee of 20%. Please note that from April 1st, 2019, are payment terms are changing and payment is due 30 days past invoice receipt.

1. All prospective external users of any CNI Shared Facilities begin the application process by downloading and signing the External User Agreement and completing the New User Information form. If you do not intend to use the labs on your own (but through the labs staff or a 3rd party contractor) please contact us for other types of agreements. Signing our external user agreement starts the process of obtaining a Columbia ID and UNI (University Network ID) so the prospective user can take safety training and gain access to the labs. Please email the signed agreement to Melody Gonzalez

2. CNI staff will submit a request for a UNI.

3. Once you have your UNI, go to Kent Hall and obtain your Columbia ID card.

4. Follow the access protocol for the lab you wish to use (Clean room, SMCL, or EM). The account information will be given to you by Melody Gonzalez as it must be created for external users.