Prior to being granted access to any tool in the cleanroom, a potential user must be trained and qualified for use of that specific piece of equipment. One should have access to the clean room, a UNI and Badger account from the onset as the training time will be billed back to the trainee's group.

Badger account information can be found here.

1) Training should begin under the tutelage of a qualified user from his or her respective group that also has access to the clean room. This does not include access to the new clean room. New clean room users will have to pass clean room orientation. Orientation dates will be published in our newsletter and in the signup form which can be found in the clean room access protocol tab.

2) If there are no qualified users in the requestor's group, the requestor of training should contact the tool Super User for training. For some tools there are scheduled training sessions by Superusers for groups. Information can be found on the individual tool pages.

The Super User list can be found here.

3) Once the trainee feels as though they have had adequate training for proficient tool use, the trainee should contact the tool Super User to arrange for a qualification exam. Be sure to be prepared as failure will result in a two week probationary period until the qualification exam can be taken again with the same Super User. Should you fail the qualification exam do not circumvent the Super User that has failed you. This will result in suspensions from the lab.

4) Once qualified, the Super User or Cleanroom staff can grant 'User' level access to the requester on the specific tool.